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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Georgia Pacific distributor. To qualify, regular monthly purchases of multiple full trucks of our products are required. If you meet these criteria, please complete the form below.

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If available, please include the UPC # (below the barcode on the outer packaging). If you have a photo of the product in question, you may also attach below. Please see UPC examples below:

Plastic Packaging – 12345 12345 (printed on back of plastic package)

Box - 12345 12345 (printed on bottom flap or bottom of box)

If available, please include the Manufacturing/Lot Code (combination of numbers and letters printed on the bottom of a cup or inside the cardboard core of a roll of toilet paper or paper towel). If you have a photo of the product in question, you may also attach below. Please see examples below:

Roll - 012322 AAA A123 (printed inside cardboard tube)

Box - 012322 AAA A123 (printed on bottom)

Cup - 012322 AAA A123 (printed on bottom)

Cup - 012322 LEX A1234 13:44 (printed on bottom)

Napkin Plastic Packaging - 012322 AAA A123 (printed on side of pack)

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