Breaking Barriers

Brittany Wenger

Dr. Anna Kornbrot

Vernice Armour

Dr. Patty Lopez

Tomorrow's Barrier Breakers

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A History of Strength Redefined

Explore our timeline of notable accomplishments, achievements and milestones from women throughout history.


School’s Finally In Session
The first institution for the education of women is established in Litchfield, C.T.

Owning It
The first American woman receives a patent for her invention:
A new method for making thread from cotton.

All Aboard
An escaped slave herself, a woman becomes a conductor of the Underground Railroad, emancipating dozens.

The First Nobel
The first woman to receive the Nobel Prize is recognized for her work in Physics.
She goes on to receive her second Nobel Prize in 1911.

The Voting Barrier Is Broken
After a 50-year struggle, women are officially granted the right to vote with the passage of the 19th Amendment.

Watch Her Fly
A nonstop transcontinental flight is completed by a woman for the first time.

What’s Right is Finally Made Right
With the passage of the Civil Rights Act, discrimination on the basis of sex is declared illegal.

Breaking a Barrier in Britain
In England, a woman is elected as Prime Minister. She is the first woman to hold Britain’s highest office.

Good as Gold
For the first time, a woman appears on US currency.

Justice is Hers
The first woman in history is appointed as a justice to the United States Supreme Court.

To Be In Her Orbit
With the launch of the American space shuttle Challenger, a woman goes to space for the first time.

It’s Unanimous
America’s first woman to serve as Secretary of State is confirmed with a unanimous vote by the Senate.

A Historic Run
The Democratic Party nominates the first woman ever as their candidate for the presidency.