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The makers of Brawny® are proud to support American-made industry—each of our mills provides over 900 jobs to its local economy. Beyond that, we are committed to enhancing the quality of life in these communities by supporting local programs like volunteer fire departments.

Clatsop County, Oregon

The Wauna Mill has been providing careers in the community since 1965. With nearly 1,000 employees, we are the largest employer in Clatsop County. The Brawny® brand is deeply committed to environmental excellence and serving our rural Oregon community while producing quality products for consumers. In addition, we support the local community through organizations such as the United Way and volunteer fire departments.

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Brawny® paper Towels are proudly Made in the USA. All of the components used to make Brawny® paper towels are made from domestic materials. "Made in the USA" claims are regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). According to the FTC, "all or virtually all" of a product must be made in the USA. Foreign content must be negligible or non-existent. "Made in the USA from Imported and Domestic Materials" and "Manufactured in the USA" mean that a product includes foreign components and/or foreign raw materials.