FAQ about Brawny® Towels

Over the years customers just like you have asked us questions about Brawny® products. So for your convenience, we've compiled many of the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

If you can't find the answer to your question, please contact us.

Brawny comes in Full and Pick-A-Size®, as well as white sheets. Check the product locator on the website to see if your favorite is available at your local retailer.

Brawny comes in the following size rolls (in increasing size): Regular Roll, Large Roll, Big Roll, Giant Roll, and Mega Roll, our largest Brawny yet.

Based on Brawny Regular Roll of 46 full sheets, the roll sizes break out as shown below.
1 Large Roll = 25% More sheets than a Regular Roll
1 Big Roll = 33% More sheets than a Regular Roll
1 Giant Roll = 50% More sheets than a Regular Roll
1 Mega Roll = 66% More sheets than a Regular Roll

Our sheet counts are as follows:

Roll Size Full Sheet Pick-A-Size®
Regular 46 76
Large 58 95
Big 62 102
Giant 69 114
Mega 77 127

Sorry, we cannot disclose the exact materials used to manufacture Brawny paper products, as it is proprietary and confidential information.

The wrapper used to hold Brawny paper towels is Number 4 Plastic LDPE which is recyclable. Check to see if recycling facilities exist in your area for collecting LDPE.

Yes, as well as many other surfaces.

Yes, we recommend white towels for any food use. Improper microwave use can cause any paper product to burn, so please follow the precautions in the owner's manual of your microwave.

You can check our Offers & Promo page as well as your local newspaper as coupons are available throughout the year.

The Brawny Man was created in 1974 as a symbol of Brawny paper towels. Although the Brawny Man has worn many styles and faces over the years, he is not based on a real person.

You may contact a local distributor in the customer's area (city and state). Contact Commercial Customer Service at 1-866-HELLOGP for the distributor(s) contact information.